New York Bakery brings Blueberry bagel

Bagel brand rolls out an all-American blueberry variant

Packshot of the new New York Bakery Co Blueberry Bagel with one against a white background and the other against a blue background.
New York Bakery Co. has brought a quintessential taste of the Big Apple to UK stores with the launch of a limited-edition Blueberry flavour.

THE New York Bakery Co is bringing one of New York’s most iconic flavours to the UK with the launch of its limited edition Blueberry Bagels.

Available in packs of five bagels nationwide from 15 April, the new Blueberry Bagels come with an RRP of £1.90 in Tesco stores, with further plans for a roll out into Asda and Morrisons.

A well-known variant across bagel shops and delis in New York, the new launch comes packed with real baked-in blueberries with each bagel rolled, boiled and baked for an authentic New York taste.

This latest addition to the range comes hot off the heels of last year’s launch which saw New York Bakery Co add its limited edition flavour Cookies N’ Cream Bagels to the range which IRI data found delivered £770k in sales value since launch for the brand.

This success has helped to create the perfect platform for the new Blueberry variant, according to New York Bakery Co, with consumer testing reporting that 76% of people would be very likely or likely to buy the new flavour.

Christina Honigfort, marketing and insights director at New York Bakery Co, said: “Blueberry is a flavour that is synonymous with the best bagel shops and delis in New York. Why wouldn’t we launch it?

“It represents everything we stand for as a brand at a time when bagel sales are out-performing the wider breakfast category, with a 4.1% year-on-year volume growth.

“Blueberry brings something genuinely new to breakfast, which is the largest in-home occasion for total bakery, growing by 154million occasions over the last year.

“Occasions at home remain significantly higher than they were pre-pandemic, and this shift back in home has seen bakery benefit more than other foods, with a 5% growth at breakfast against total food at 3%.

“Bagels are contributing to this growth at breakfast and we won’t slow down.

“Whether you’re enjoying you’re enjoying a treat and that rising sense of cafe culture at home with a bite of Blueberry, or something the Original in butter at breakfast, our message is clear: there is no substitute.

“That generous taste and chew is unrivalled. It can only mean New York. Anything other than New York is just a roll with a hole.”