Britain’s top sweets revealed

Survey finds consumers’ top sweets from across Britain

Picture of five different flavoured Jelly Babies standing.
Perspectus Global has found Britain’s top sweet, according to a recent poll the marketing firm conducted.

EVERYONE has got their own favourite sweetie.

Sometimes a contentious matter but the sweet-toothed of Britain can’t shift away from some tried and tested classic options when it comes to a pack of sweet treats.

And it’s the retro option that seems to be making a comeback for plenty of consumers out there as revealed by Perspectus Global (PG), who has found the best loved sweets in Britain after taking opinion from 2,000 respondents aged between 16-85 plus in January.

Well no one’s head can be bit off over this result as Jelly Babies ranked the number one choice in PG’s report with 65% of polled Britons claiming it to be their confectionery of choice.

The staple of long car journeys, Christmas presents and a certain Doctor, Jelly Babies have been around for 160 years now and are thought to have been created by an Austrian confectioner who was attempting to make a mould for Jelly Bears.

A pile of Fruit Pastilles sweets.
Retro sweets are making more of a comeback with younger generations, according to Perspectus Global.

But Jelly Babies aren’t the only retro sweetie topping this list with some British classics helping to make up the full top ten, with the confectionery narrowly beating out some strong contenders – at least in Scottish Grocer’s opinion.

The remaining top ten followed as Fruit Pastilles (62%); Wine Gums (60%); Cola Bottles (59%); Werther’s Originals (59%); Skittles (58%); Starburst (57%); Liquorice Allsorts (57%); Haribo Tangfastics (57%); and Rhubarb and Custards (56%).

PG has listed out the full top 30 winners from its consumer research poll, which can be found at the bottom of this article, which highlights the strength of the classic options in stores when it comes to confectionery, with one representative for Scotland included.

The marketing firm said that 27% of respondents were “thrilled” to see sweets from when they were young are now back in the shops as it can be a key way to transport many back to their childhood.

Jonathan Horsley, boss at PG, said: “Sweets are one of life’s simple pleasures. You can see how they provoke feelings of nostalgia, as childhood classics like Jelly Babies, Fruit Pastilles, Pear Drops and Dolly Mix made the list of best loved sweets.”

Britain’s Favourite Sweets, according to Prospectus Global research

  1. Jelly Babies    65%
  2. Fruit Pastilles    62%
  3. Wine Gums    60%
  4. Cola Bottles    59%
  5. Werther’s Originals   59%
  6. Skittles     58%
  7. Starburst    57%
  8. Liquorice Allsorts   57%
  9. Haribo Tangfastics    57%
  10. Rhubarb and custards   56%
  11. Jelly Tots    56%
  12. Fruit Gums    55%
  13. Love Hearts    54%
  14. Dolly Mix    53%
  15. Lemon Sherberts    53%
  16. Pear Drops    53%
  17. Turkish Delight    52%
  18. Maoam Stripes    52%
  19. Kola cubes    52%
  20. Daim bars (formerly Dime)  52%
  21. Black Jacks    52%
  22. Toffee Bonbons    52%
  23. Tunnock’s Snowballs   51%
  24. Drumstick Squashies   51%
  25. Drumstick Lollies   51%
  26. Polos     50%
  27. Fruit-tella     50%
  28. Tic Tacs     50%
  29. Flying Saucers    49%
  30. Mentos     45%