RELX shows favour in vape flavour

RELX says flavour variety could help smokers to make the switch to vaping options

RELX range of disposable vapes. (Left to right) Magic Go Double Apple, Magic Go Red Buzz, Magic Go Strawberry Ice, soFit Triple Mango, soFit Strawberry Burst, soFit Pink Twist, soPro Kiwi Passion Guava.
RELX reckons more variety in vape flavours could help more smokers turn to vaping options.


FLAVOURS in vaping can lead to some heated debate in the industry.

A wide variety of tastes can attract attention across the board for adult consumers and it can also assist in helping adult smokers to make the switch to vape products.

According to a recent survey by London South Bank University, researchers found that 55% of smokers that were given help to choose a flavour in vapes and had continued support were more likely to give up entirely within three months.

With this in mind, stocking a variety of flavour options across vaping products could be a key way to supporting vapes as a cessation tool.

As such, RELX has noted that a potential ban on disposable vape products could do more harm in helping smokers to give up smoking entirely and discourage them to make the switch in the first place.

Chris Aikens, external affairs manager at RELX, said: “As the NHS and UK Government have outlined, evidence has shown that vaping is a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.

“Therefore, a ban on disposable vapes in Scotland would only serve to discourage adult smokers from making the switch.

“Flavoured vapes, in particular, play a pivotal role in supporting adult smokers make the switch, according to a recent study by London South Bank University. Therefore, a reduction in flavours, or a ban, would only impact the number of successful transitions among adult consumers.

“It’s vital for adult smokers looking to make the switch to seek relevant support and guidance, including information about the reduced risks of vaping.”

With this in mind, RELX has shouted out its range of disposable vape products, which come in a variety of flavours to help build appeal to adult smokers looking to make the switch and find a taste that is best suited to their own palette.

The firm has highlighted its WAKA soPro range, which comes in 10 different flavours, including the likes of Blueberry, Raspberry, Triple Mango, Pink Lemonade or Kiwi Passion Guava.

Further to this, the firm also offers its RELX MagicGo disposables, which feature flavours such as Strawberry Burst and Double Apple to bring in further variety.

And this variety in flavour seems to be the way forward, according to RELX, which stated that more consumers seem to be sticking with flavour loyalty within the vape market.

Aikens said: “The vape industry is witnessing a shift in the purchasing habits of adult consumers, particularly within the disposables category.

“While adult consumers were once loyal to one brand of disposable device, flavour and price are now priorities.

“As the disposables market continues to grow, with new device flavours entering the market, adult consumers are experimenting with different brands.

“While the cost-of-living crisis hasn’t directly impacted the popularity of disposables, it has encouraged adult consumers to be more aware of multi-buy offers on multiple devices.

“As a result, Scottish retailers must be more conscious with pricing structures, exercising the ability to readily flex deals to meet the demands of these financially savvy adult consumers. “

And while there is concern that a greater variety of flavours could be more attractive to underage consumers, RELX reckons it has retailers covered and looks to support stores to ensure they are working to eradicate the issue of underage vape users.

Aikens said: “The misuse of vaping products among minors is a matter the industry must face head on; keeping devices out of the hands of underage users should be a priority for vape manufacturers and retailers alike.

“Retailers must put appropriate measures in place to mitigate the issue, implementing stricter measures to abide by Scottish and UK laws, and prevent the sale of vape products to this consumer group.

“Vape brands must ensure that products aren’t designed, marketed, or sold to underage users, by adopting marketing strategies that exclude terminology or graphics that might appeal to the youth demographic.

“At RELX, our Guardian Programme puts us at the forefront of youth prevention. We’re committed to doing everything possible to prevent and discourage the misuse of vape products by minors.

“This includes real efforts with retailers to step up on-site identification and working closely with stakeholders and business partners to ensure strict compliance throughout the process.”