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Disposable vape devices sit on a wooden bench in an array of colours.

Evapo offers fake vape advice

Vape retailer Evapo has rolled out a new initiative to help consumers spot a fake vape with fears around the rise of the illicit trade due to the incoming ban.

ScotGov launches new vape consultation

The Scottish Government has launched a new consultation about the incoming disposable vape ban, which is set to run for six weeks.

Vaping tax confirmed for 2026

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has confirmed a tax on vaping devices will be introduced in the autumn of this year in the UK Government's Spring Budget 2024.
Jeremy Hunt in parliament delivering the Autumn Budget 2023.

New tax on vaping

The UK Government is reportedly planning to introduce a new tax on vape liquids in its Spring Budget 2024 as the UKVIA sets out legislation proposals.
Scottish Grocers' Federation chief executive Pete Cheema.

SGF slams snub on vape ban

The SGF has slammed governments across the UK as being undemocratic after it was found that responses to its vape ban consultation had not been considered.
BAT is calling for a retail licence to sell vapes – similar to one for alcohol and tobacco.

BAT urges regulation over vapes

British American Tobacco is pushing the UK Government to introduce new legislation for the vaping industry to avoid an outright ban on disposables.
Scottish Grocers' Federation chief executive Pete Cheema.

Concern over illicit vape sales inaction

A new study has highlighted a shocking lack of targeted enforcement action against rogue vape traders across 11 major UK cities, including Glasgow.
Dipoti has called for clarity, while the SGF has launched a vape recycling scheme.

UK Government opens vape debate

Industry bodies have set out to allay concerns over disposable vapes after the UK Government launched a consultation amid fears about youth vaping.

RELX shows favour in vape flavour

RELX reckons that more variety in vaping flavours could encourage current smokers to make the switch to the devices, working towards the cessation tool goal.
Eve Peters and Anand Cheema kickstarted the SGF’s new pilot in Cheema’s store Costcutter – Fresh in Falkirk.

SGF and Elfbar unveil vapes recycling campaign

Vapes maker Elfbar and the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) have announced the free provision of 1,000 co-branded in-store recycling bins to SGF members.

United Wholesale Scotland’s vape intiative

United Wholesale Scotland has been rolling out new disposable vape recycling bins across its fascia stores to encourage vapes to recycle more.

FM seeks disposable vapes ban

Humza Yousaf has announced there will be a consultation on a potential ban on selling single-use disposable vapes following concerns over underage vapers.

Concern over youth vaping

A new Scottish Government study has revealed that more than one in seven disposable vape users in Scotland are underage.

Government begins crackdown on youth vaping

The UK Government has set out its intentions to crack down on the illegal sales of vaping devices to under 18s with a new review.

Aquavape pushes retailers to stay up to date in the sector

Refillable vaping device firm Aquavape said that retailers should stay up to date in the vaping category to help drive up sales.

In-disposable advice

Imperial Tobacco offers retailers tips to help drive up disposable vape sales by staying up to date on the latest trends in the market.