Andrew Peace wine bolsters the range

Aussie wine brand Andrew Peace has six new launches

New range of Andrew Peace wines.
Australian wine brand Andrew Peace has expanded on its UK ranges with six new launches.

AUSTRALIAN wine brand Andrew Peace has built up its selection in the UK with six new SKUs coming to market.

Looking to introduce more bag-in-box (BiB) formats, the range introduces two design propositions with Andrew Peace Black Label and Andrew Peace White Label.

The Black Label wines includes a new-to-market Shiraz (11% ABV) and Chardonnay (11%ABV) in both a 750ml bottle and 2.25l BiB formats. Meanwhile, the White Label ranges includes the brand’s existing 750ml bottle Signature Shiraz and Chardonnay wines while also introducing both of these in a 1.5l BiB format.

The new SKUs also feature a lower ABV compared to other options in the Andrew Peace range, providing consumers a lighter way to enjoy the brand.

The new launches will offer consumers a “genuine choice” of red and white wines according to the firm, made in the same style and to the same quality of the producer’s existing range.

The RRP for the 750ml bottle formats comes in at £6.50 each, with the 1.5l BiB format sits at £12.00 and the 2.25l BiB has an RRP of £17.00.

Further to the new launches, the Andrew Peace brand is set to benefit from a fully integrated brand campaign comprising of PR, advertising, social media activity and influencer engagement across Autumn this year.

Pete Fairclough, senior brand manager at Kingsland Drinks – the firm behind Andrew Peace wines, said: “Value and quality reign supreme for UK consumers who – more than ever – are watching their spend.

“By bolstering the core Andrew Peace range with lighter options, and expending the format that consumers can buy into, we’re hitting multiple pressure points for the consumer.

“They can buy expertly crafted, reputable and tasty wine in a way that suits their lifestyle. We know that many consumers are moderating their drinking, while also looking for more sustainable brands to back with their spend.

“Andrew Peace is perfectly positioned to meet this consumer head on.”

Andrew Peace, founder of Andrew Peace wines, said: “We are proud to introduce our new wines to the UK retail market and extend our expertise to lower ABV wines, while maintaining the alcohol levels in our existing, popular range.  

By introducing Andrew Peace wines in bag-in-box formats, we’re able to offer greater value for money, continue to build on our sustainability credentials and stay true to our heartland; beautifully crafted wines that taste great.”