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Sustainability investments bring retailers benefits

Example of Danfoss' more sustainable and environmentally store formats.
Fitting environmentally friendly and efficient equipment is easy, says Danfoss.

SUSTAINABILITY is one of the current buzz words in the convenience channel. Here, Gareth Ash, marketing communications manager at Danfoss, provides some valuable insights.

Why should retailers think about sustainability when investing in their store?

We all need to play our part in ensuring a more sustainable future – for retailers, it’s not only great for the environment but also for their business. Sustainable practices can save energy, cut costs, boost their reputation and keep them in line with regulations and customer preferences.

How can Danfoss help retailers introduce more sustainable solutions in-store?

As well as our recently launched range of A2L and CO2 solutions, our comprehensive portfolio of products, customisable solutions and services help improve food safety, optimise operations and boost energy efficiency 24/7.

And the best part is it’s so easy. A tailor-made package of sensors, components and controls will have you up and running in no time with a simple cloud-based system to suit your exact requirements. Plus, with our solutions installed in more than 70,000 c-stores around the globe, you can count on a fast ROI.

How can Danfoss help c-store retailers with compliance, maintenance, energy costs, and shortage of store space?

As many stores struggle to keep up with increasing demands for food safety, documentation and energy efficiency, their need for connectivity, compliance and hassle-free equipment rises.

Danfoss Smart Store To-Go is your one-stop-shop for plug-and-play energy and monitoring solutions dedicated to helping small c-stores and food shops boost food safety, optimise operations, and increase energy savings.

From cold rooms to refrigerators and freezers, our solutions cover most small store applications and are easily customisable to the needs of each store. 

With components, solutions and support tailored for small store refrigeration requirements, Smart Store To-Go provides everything you need for easy and fast selection, installation, and service.

Example of Danfoss' more sustainable and environmentally store formats looking in from the top above the store.
Danfoss offers retailers smart solutions to help make their stores more green.

Given the cost-of-living crisis, why should retailers consider investing in new equipment now?

Investing in new equipment can help retailers deal with the cost-of-living crisis. New energy-efficient equipment can reduce costs and save money in the long run.

What questions should retailers ask when spending on sustainable technology?

Retailers should ask themselves: How much energy can this tech save? 

Does it help the environment and reduce emissions?

How much money will it save in the long term?

Can it work with my existing systems?

Is it certified and up to industry standards?

How can sustainable equipment make life easier for retailers?

Sustainable equipment saves energy, cuts costs and is reliable, meaning retailers won’t have to worry about breakdowns. When you add smart solutions such as remote monitoring, you allow retailers to easily control and fix things, making their life a whole lot easier.

How can retailers learn more about what Danfoss has to offer?

Retailers can visit to find out more about the solutions Danfoss offers.