Cox & Co flows with paper packs

Chocolate firm rolls out paper flow wrap for packaging

Packs of the new flow paper packaging for Cox & Co chocolate lie against a paper background.
Chocolate producer Cox & Co has claimed an industry first in the category with the launch of its new paper flow packaging across the range.

CHOCOLATE firm Cox & Co has made a planet-positive move with the roll out of its paper flow wrap chocolate packs.

Allowing the firm to phase out all plastics from the range, Cox & Co has worked towards this goal for 18 months to replace its compostable plastic packs.

Working closely with a paper manufacturer in Sweden to find the right material, the new 100% paper flow wrapped chocolate bars rolled out this week in three variants including Miso & Caramel, Mint Crunch and Bee Pollen & Honey.

And at a time when the cost of cocoa has risen significantly, Cox & Co has said the new packaging will help to reduce overall production cost for the brand by 35% helping it to offset any price rises.

This will enable the brand to continue to offer its premium chocolate bars at a competitive price.

Gavin Cox, founder of Cox & Co, said: “Consumers are now actively seeking brands that take sustainability seriously and products that are easy to recycle.

“Chocolate is a popular household purchase and yet so little of the packaging can be easily recycled at curbside.

“We are set to change all that with our revolutionary new packaging, which offers a neat and tidy result without the use of plastic.”

“It’s taken many months of trial to get to this point, but it’s been worth the effort. Seeing that first bar roll off the production line was incredibly satisfying.”