Strongbow gets Ultra ambitious

Heineken UK unveils forward-thinking Strongbow variant

The Strongbow Ultra Apple Cider 4x330ml multipack.
The Strongbow Ultra Apple Cider 4x330ml multipack.

HEINEKEN UK has launched a new Strongbow variant – Ultra Apple – which it says will future-proof the cider category.

The drinks giant has also revitalised its Drink The G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) marketing campaign to trumpet the newcomer.

Ultra Apple has 36% fewer calories than Strongbow Original – at 80kcal per 330ml slimline can – and a 4% ABV.

Heineken claims it is perfect for shoppers looking for a lighter cider alternative, with natural apple flavours and no compromise on great taste.

Available in single can or four-tin multipack formats, with RRPs of £2.25 and £5.49 respectively, the latest variant is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. 

It is being supported by the refreshed multi-million pound G.O.A.T. marketing campaign following the launch of Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit last year.

Heineken UK cider brand director Rachel Holms said: “The creation of Strongbow Ultra Apple addresses a huge opportunity in the lower calorie cider category.

“We will catch the eye of Gen Z and Y shoppers on the hunt for a new summertime drink to sip, who otherwise reach for RTDs and spirits.”