Smart shops for savings

Ways to meet the challenge of efficient refrigeration

Concept art of one of Danfoss' smart stores
Efficient solutions: Danfoss reckons its tech can help retailers to save some cash.

REFRIGERATION units can give retailers the chance to stock up on a vast array of options across categories, making them a great choice to help push up sales.

However, they do come with their own challenges, ranging from the running costs to food safety standards that need to be matched to ensure products aren’t spoiled.

Therefore, there is a lot to consider when bringing in a new chiller section to a store. But engineering firm Danfoss reckons it is set to meet this demand with its shop-fitting solutions.

Gareth Ash, the company’s marketing communications manager, said: “At Danfoss, we work with countless refrigeration manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors in an effort to address these challenges and drive greater levels of safety, reliability and energy efficiency for this sector.

“Our refrigeration solutions are installed in more than 70,000 c-stores around the globe and, from this extensive experience, we have developed the new Danfoss Smart Store To-Go solutions.

“From cold rooms to refrigerators and freezers, this plug-and-play package is designed to cover most small store applications, with components and support that are easily customisable to the individual needs of each store – and all from a single supplier.”

Danfoss said the system remains energy efficient with its Optyma condensing units – which the firm described as a climate-friendly choice for retailers – that offer a 90% reduction in global warming potential (GWP).

On top of the environmentally friendly credentials, Danfoss said the Optyma units can provide retailers with a reduced cost of refrigeration and are quiet machines to help cut down on noise pollution in store.

Ash said: “Operational efficiency, energy costs and food safety are just some of the pressures facing the competitive convenience store sector.

“Meanwhile, amid the ongoing transition to low-GWP refrigerants, manufacturers and installers are under increasing pressure to make refrigeration solutions that are more energy efficient, while maintaining and enhancing cooling performance.

“These market and environmental pressures are helping to drive innovation in modern and cold storage deisgn and development with a focus on performance, reliability and connectivity.

“At Danfoss, we believe our Smart Store To-Go package reflects this innovation. The set-up combines proven components, support and smart technology to create customisable solutions that are hassle-free for end-users and installers, and units which run reliably and efficiently and therefore comply with food safety standards.”