Roll out in the shops

BN Mini Rolls

GLOBAL snacking firm Pladis has expanded its McVities BN range to include new Mini Rolls variants.

Available now in Chocolate and Raspberry variants, McVitie’s BN Mini Rolls come in packs of five at an RRP of £1.00 per multipack.

Initially launched in Asda stores last month, Pladis rolled out the Mini Rolls across the grocery, convenience and wholesale channels from the start of February.

Cassie French, marketing director for seasonal, cake & kids at Pladis UK&I, said: “The great thing about McVitie’s BN Mini Rolls is that they cater to an entirely new occasion compared to their biscuit counterparts.

“Snacking shoppers are relishing the classic taste of McVitie’s BN in the biscuit aisle, so taking this to the nation’s cake aisles will extend appeal further and welcome a new audience of shoppers looking to add a permissible sweet treat to home lunches or midweek meal occasions.”