Sweet tastes for the summer

Capitalise on fruit flavour to drive cider sales

people "cheersing" cans of Kopparberg
Warmer days ahead: Retailers should prepare in advance for the summer. months.

IF there is one thing that could compete with Scottish consumers’ love for a good drink, it would be the collective sweet tooth that drives them to sweeter options in stores.

It stands to reason that mixing these two together should then be a winner for retailers across the country, and that’s what Kopparberg is banking on for the warmer months.

Elise Hockridge, customer marketing manager at Kopparberg, noted that fruit cider sales perform better in Scotland than any other region in the whole of the UK.

Along with this, Nielsen data found that Kopparberg was responsible for 43% of fruit cider sales in Scotland for the year to 27 November 2022. Hockridge reckons that the brand will help retailers to grow cider sales across stores.

She said: “Capitalising on occasions is going to be key this year as consumers look towards a greater emphasis on at-home occasions due to financial uncertainty.

“When considering occasions, Kopparberg is usually in baskets with leading snack brands and merchandising products for occasions together can drive incremental sales.

“Making your range work its hardest is key to improving your beer and cider offering.

Kopparberg boasts a six times bigger share than the closest premium fruit cider competitors and are the clear fruit cider brand to back.”

Cider sales over index during summer.

And what occasion could suit cider sales better this year than those spells of sunshine that Scottish consumers are always keen to take advantage of?

When looking back to pre-Covid sales during summer, IRI market research reported that cider sales were achieving new heights, with sales over-indexing by 19% in 2019.

As such, it will be important to take advantage of more seasonal events and bank holidays that could hold some sunshine for Scottish consumers as well.

Hockridge said: “To capitalise on the weather improving, make sure to have a solid stock of 500ml bottles and four packs in readiness for sporadic warm weather spells.

“A 500ml bottle offers the perfect low price point for impulsive purchases and support consumers in testing out new flavours, where four packs provide a great trade-up format solution for social gatherings.

“In Scotland, both 500ml and four packs are growing in importance to cider, both growing 1.7% in share.”

The firm is also set to cater to those looking to join in on the sunny weather without the need to drink with its low and no-alcohol options across the entire Kopparberg range.

Hockridge said: “Mirroring the key products from the alcoholic range and translating this into alcohol-free is key to ensuring consumer needs are satisfied. Interestingly, these products are often bought in the same baskets as their alcoholic counterparts.”