Launch is a space oddity

astronaut reaching for a pint of beer

SCOTTISH brewer Innis & Gunn made sure the launch of its PerfectDraft keg variant was one for the stars.

After running a competition that challenged consumers to find the most imaginative place to enjoy a pint, winner Will Cunningham, from Whitburn, beat off competition with his zero gravity suggestion.

While created using a special effects chamber, Innis & Gunn helped bring Cunningham as close to zero gravity as possible to enjoy his pint in ‘space’.

Cunningham said: “Never in a million, light, years did I think I would be enjoying my favourite pint in such a surreal setting.”

Innis & Gunn said the competition received more than 1000 entries, with over 170,000 pints poured from the PerfectDraft keg within its first six weeks.

Dougal Sharp, Innis & Gunn’s founder, said: “The launch of our partnership with PerfectDraft has been a huge success.

“Given you can deliver the perfect draught lager experience anytime, anywhere, the competition was a bit of fun to challenge drinkers to get creative.”