Flavours are key in heated tobacco

Make the most from emerging subcategory option

JTI  has tips to help  to push  emerging  subcategories across the tobacco channel.
JTI has tips to help to push emerging subcategories across the tobacco channel.

TAKING advantage of emerging trends across any category can present retailers with a lot of questions and this can be doubly so for tobacco.

With IRI data finding that sales for heated tobacco products have seen an average growth of 10% per month for the last two years, it’s clear to see the popularity of the subcategory.

And when it comes to building up a selection of heated tobacco products, JTI reckons it has retailers covered with some key advice, tips and NPD to boot.

To help retailers build on this, Mark McGuinness, marketing director at JTI UK, reckons flavours will be key to get consumers to pick up from the subcategory.

“Sales of tobacco-flavoured heated tobacco variants account for 52% of all refill sales in traditional retail, with menthol-flavoured accounting for 44%.

“JTI UK always looks to keep on top of the trend and listens to what consumers want when it comes to meeting demand for new flavours.

“JTI reimagined its EVO tobacco sticks at the end of 2021. Featuring a longer filter to achieve a fuller and more authentic tobacco taste experience, the new and improved EVO tobacco sticks offer the latest flavour innovations from JTI,” he said.

Included in the flavoured range from JTI are Bronze and Amber tobacco flavours, Green menthol, Purple berry and menthol, and Ruby apple and mint.

The latest innovation with the EVO brand gives consumers a choice in flavours, too, with Green Option and Purple Option, which both include capsules that can be crushed to alter the flavour.

Both flavours include a mix of tobacco and subtle mint, JTI said, with the capsule in Green turning it to peppermint and in Purple to berry.

Along with this, JTI has revamped its portfolio with the Ploom X heating device, which the firm described as “the cutting edge of the next generation of heated tobacco products”.

McGuinness said: “This smaller and more compact device has a more consistent nicotine delivery and an enhanced flavour sensation. It also has a longer session time of up to five minutes and the ability to use more EVO Tobacco Sticks per charge.”