Scotland’s Top Brands: 5. Simon Howie

Tartan banner reading top scottish brands number 5 simon howie

Significant television advertising campaign helps to boost the profile of Scottish butcher even further

DESPITE the challenges of the last few years, 2022 was a big year for Simon Howie as the Scottish butcher invested in TV advertising at a scale the firm had never done before.

lorne sausage production lineBut that in part probably explains why the brand has been able to climb from sixth to fifth place in this year’s Top 50 listing.

The company expanded the reach of its memorable catchline ‘You only get a wowie with Simon Howie’ that launched in 2020 with adverts to celebrate haggis and Burns night.

This year saw Simon Howie roll out three new TV adverts to promote its black pudding, bacon and breakfast packs and they featured strongly on STV from March to August.

bacon production lineInsight analysis shows awareness of the brand and its likeability are up and this is reflected in the butcher’s supermarket listings, as the company secured wider distribution across many of its product lines.

These included The Wee Black Pudding, Premium Pork Sausages, Breakfast Patties and Bacon Medallions, to name a few.

Combating energy prices hikes

Simon Howie has recently spoken openly about the latest challenges facing all businesses as energy prices soar and their bills increase tenfold.

However, the brand continues to grow and resonate with customers as it claims that it will always continue to stand for quality at an affordable price.

Led by Simon Howie himself, the firm takes an entrepreneurial approach to all that it does, investing in green energy to reduce costs and introducing automation to increase efficiency.

All of that helps to keep cost increases as low as possible, so the company can keep on delivering the quality produce its customers have come to know and love.

a packet of Simon Howie haggisSimon Howie offers a wide range of products, from its two-star awarded Original Haggis to classic breakfast items that wouldn’t go amiss on Scottish plates – black pudding, Lorne sausage and bacon.

It also sells a huge amount of Beef Olives and has a growing Vegan range – offering innovative options such as meat-free black pudding and square sausage.

Since launching its Bacon Medallions in 2021, the brand has seen them take off, outselling normal bacon in some retailers. This has led to the recent increase in distribution, seen at the September range change.