More minis to go for Mentos and Smint

packets of mentos mini sweets

CONFECTIONERY giant Perfetti Van Melle has introduced new formats for two of its most popular brands.

Mentos and Smint have both had their ranges expanded with the addition of new packs that PVM calls “hyper-portable”.

The new Mentos Mini Strawberry and Orange Bag is designed for sharing with an RRP of £1.

The new Smint pack is a pocket-size recyclable tin, holding 36 sweets in a choice of mint, spearmint, sweetmint or strawberry flavours.

Brand manager of Mentos and Smint Caroline Grimshaw said: “Smint is the number one sugar-free mint brand, a must stock for retailers and, with over 60% of people rating Smint as an everyday essential, we are in the prime position to launch our well-loved product in a new format.

“The introduction of Mentos Minis comes at the perfect time as portion control and health consideration becomes a topic increasingly under the microscope.

“At Perfetti Van Melle, we pride ourselves on continuously innovating to respond to consumer wants and needs, and Mentos Minis is a perfect example of this.”