Bagging more sales with a strong offer

Room for growth in evolving nicotine pouch category

JTI has been investing in Nordic Spirit NPD.

NICOTINE pouches are a relatively new innovation in the UK market, providing yet another alternative for smokers looking to quit.

While the format may be new, a picture is starting to emerge of the kind of shopper that purchases nicotine pouches in the convenience channel.

Top of the list, the typical pouch customer is an existing adult smoker or vaper, according to Bruce Terry, portfolio brand manager at JTI UK.

Terry said that many pouch customers are looking for a nicotine product to use in situations where smoking or vaping might not be possible.

“They are likely to have a busy, ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle, so a discrete, convenient, and easy to use product is a must,” he said.

JTI’s own solution for these consumers, Nordic Spirit, launched in the UK in the autumn of 2019 and the tobacco manufacturer has since extended the range.

Terry said that to help retailers tap into current trends, the new flavour, Spearmint, was added to the range, as well as a new Extra-Strong variant of the brand’s Bergamot Wildberry flavour.

“The new launches are both available in an Extra-Strong strength to reflect the growing demand for stronger variants in the nicotine pouch category.

“The latest variants will help retailers provide a range of options for customers seeking a stronger nicotine experience,” he said.

Having the right range is a great starting point in any category, but there’s a lot more retailers can do in store to extract as much as possible from their nicotine pouch offer.

Terry said retailers should establish clear product visibility by giving the category a clear ‘home’.

He recommended retailers display nicotine pouches on a back wall solution with heated tobacco and vaping devices, so customers can choose from a range of nicotine products, based on their preferences.

Terry also suggested attracting customers with an eye-catching counter display and said JTI can provide some assistance in this regard.

“For nicotine pouches, JTI offers POS category solutions to suit stores of all shapes and sizes that retailers can take advantage of to boost their pouch sales, including countertop display solutions,” he said.

Availability is also key, Terry said, and he encouraged retailers to be aware of any potential seasonal changes in demand.

“Retailers should observe seasonal trends and busy periods. For example, keep your nicotine pouch range particularly strong in the summer months when demand is highest.

“In addition, clear signposting aids consumer navigation of the category,” he said.