Don’t miss a trick this year

Crisps and snacks will also present opportunities for retail at Halloween

Peppa Pig Really Cheesy Lentil Puffs
Peppa Pig Really Cheesy Lentil Puffs.

CRISPS and snacks are on course for strong seasonal trading this Halloween, according to Calbee UK.

The firm behind Seabrook, Harvest Snaps and Peppa Pig Really Cheesy Lentil Puffs views Halloween as an “excellent opportunity” for retailers to capture more crisps and snacks sales.

Claire Hooper, marketing director at Calbee UK, said: “In recent years, there has been a lot of uncertainty around the guising tradition in Scotland due to the Covid-19 pandemic with many people wary of going door-to-door.

“Larger organised events have also been cancelled due to the pandemic but as school events, festivals and wider celebrations have returned, hopefully Halloween will be back in full swing in communities this year and retailers should be fully prepared for the rush.”

The removal of Covid restrictions should be a boon for c-store retailers this Halloween and not just in the confectionery aisle.

Hooper said there is a “big opportunity” for crisps, snacks and popcorn as consumers look for products that are easy to hand out to children at the front door.

That opportunity is compounded by the fact that, according to Hooper, consumers are more likely to make impulse purchases around Halloween, meaning those retailers that really get into the spirit of the season should see greater results.

“Creative displays and catchy Halloween in-store set ups will create some theatre for consumers.

“At Halloween, consumers are generally more inclined to purchase on impulse so having well stocked displays of familiar, well-recognised brands, like Seabrook, near pay points are key for those last-minute buys,” she said.

Creative displays may entice adults and older kids to spend, but it’s important that retailers don’t leave the little ones behind at Halloween.

There’s plenty of scope to tap into seasonal demand for healthier snacks designed with young children in mind, as Hooper explained: “For pre-school children celebrating Halloween, our newly launched Peppa Pig Really Cheesy Lentil Puffs created by Seabrook in partnership with Hasbro, are ideal.

“Compliant with new [UK] government HFSS regulations, Peppa Pig Really Cheesy Lentil Puffs are baked not fried, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly and contain only 82 calories per bag.

“Available in multipacks, with all green and amber GDAs, these snacks are a great healthy option for young children who may even be trick-or-treating dressed as the characters from the hit show.

“The product is also ideal for parents throwing Halloween parties for large groups of pre-school children. Peppa Pig is a global pre-school phenomenon and is hugely popular with three to five-year-olds.”