Value and health drive innovation

Crisps and snacks brands steer towards trends

golden wonder crisps
PMPs communicate value to consumers at a time of tighter purse strings.

SNACKING is big business in the Scottish convenience channel, and long may that continue.

Crisps, a stalwart of the snacking category, overtrade in Scotland as compared to the rest of the UK, creating opportunities for retailers and suppliers.

Not just any crisps will do, however, and at a time of tightening budgets, retailers should expect to see perception of value driving sales in the convenience channel, according to Matt Smith, marketing director at Tayto Group.

Smith highlighted Tayto’s Golden Wonder PMP range as just the ticket for telegraphing value to consumers at the crisp fixture.

“Shoppers in convenience are concerned that they will pay inflated prices for shopping locally and PMPs assure them that this isn’t the case.

“An additional benefit is that it makes it quicker for shoppers on a ‘grab and go’ mission as they don’t have to search for a shelf ticket – the price is right there on the pack.

“Entry price points are important to pick up ‘pocket money’ purchases and we’ve seen strong performance in our 30p Fun Snacks range that includes Tangy Toms, Spicy Bikers, Awesome Oinks and Quarterbacks – growing faster than the market (+13.8% vs +5.2%) due to the added benefit of a 2 for 50p on-pack promotion,” he said.

Smith also highlighted Tayto Group’s range of £1 PMP sharing bags as a particularly on-trend offer for the Scottish convenience channel.

IRI market data for symbols & independents in Scotland found that the £1 PMP format grew three times faster than the overall market, at a rate of 16.1% compared to 5.2% for the year to 25 June.

Value isn’t the only sales driver within crisps and snacks. Smith also suggested retailers stock up on healthier snacking options and highlighted the HFSS compliant Ringos Puffs as an ideal solution.

Smith said: “For many savoury snacks, reducing fat and salt to meet the guidelines means compromising too much on taste – and consumers will vote with their feet.

“In some products however, smart innovation in flavours, recipes and manufacturing can overcome this challenge – which is how we’ve created Ringos Puffs.”

Innovation has also been high on the agenda at Calbee UK, the firm behind Seabrook and Harvest snaps.

The firm recently redesigned its Seabrook Loaded range and introduced Seabrook Loaded Rings.

Claire Hooper, marketing director of Calbee UK, said the new products have already proven to be a hit with consumers.

“Launched last year under the Seabrook brand, Loaded is already worth over £9m outperforming key snack brand competitors and is the fastest growing multipack brand, with 10% household penetration,” she said.

Like Tayto, Calbee UK has also been adding to its HFSS compliant range, meaning it will have products that hit key sugar, salt and fat targets that could be used to restrict promotions and displays in Scottish stores as soon as next year.

She said: “We have two HFSS compliant brands – our Harvest Snaps range and Peppa Pig Really Cheesy Lentil Puffs, the latter launched recently under the Seabrook brand in partnership with Hasbro.

“Both brands are baked not fried, vegan and vegetarian friendly and have all green and amber GDAs (guideline daily amounts).

“Harvest Snaps features in the top 20 better-for-you brands and is now worth £2.2m.”