Xtra investment in Bru

Seven-figure campaign set to go live this month

Irn bru xtra bottle and can on an orange and blue background
Xtra will benefit from a £1m ad blitz.

SCOTLAND’s other national drink is set to benefit from a £1 million brand investment.

This month, AG Barr will launch a new campaign to support Irn-Bru Xtra. The campaign commences with new outdoor and digital advertising and sampling activity is scheduled for September, when AG Barr expects to put more than 500,000 cans in the hands of Scottish shoppers.

Retailers are also being encouraged to take advantage of this latest marketing blitz for Irn-Bru Xtra. Point-of-sale materials are available for those who wish to create some in-store theatre to coincide with the campaign.

Adrian Troy, marketing director at AG Barr, said: “Irn-Bru Xtra is the fastest growing variant of the iconic brand, delivering extra taste with no sugar, and now accounts for over 20% of total Irn-Bru sales.

“Now worth over £16 million and growing at 10% versus last year, Irn-Bru Xtra is a must-stock variant for all Scottish retailers and this £1 million brand investment will create massive visibility for the product, driving education and trial with shoppers.”

First launched in July 2016, Irn-Bru Xtra serves as a no-added sugar alternative to Irn-Bru.
This year’s Irn-Bru Xtra marketing push is part of a concerted effort from AG Barr to raise awareness of the variant among consumers.

Last winter, AG Barr commercial director Jonathan Kemp told Scottish Grocer that even though Irn-Bru Xtra is performing well, there are still consumers who may not be fully acquainted with what it offers.

“We have a big job to do on that, there are still a lot of consumers who say ‘why is it called Xtra?’ ‘Does it have sugar in it?” It takes time to get those sorts of messages across,” he said.