Gin inspired by Ayrshire

Girvan botanicals at heart of new Hendrick’s

Neptunia Gin takes its inspiration from the Ayrshire coast where the distillery sits.

AYRSHIRE is the inspiration behind the latest addition to the Hendrick’s Gin portfolio.

Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin is a 43.4% ABV gin that’s packed with botanicals sourced from Girvan, where the Hendrick’s distillery is located.

Master distiller Leslie Grace said she was inspired to craft a gin made from Girvan botanicals when she was walking her dog on the beach.

“For somebody of my age, a day at the seaside as a kid was absolutely magic.

“I’ve got some really good memories of being at the seaside, so now I like to take my dog for walks along there,” she said.

Neptunia is the first Hendrick’s gin variant to benefit from a globally aligned media launch, set to run throughout the year.

Brand owner William Grant & Sons reckons this year-long support will help to promote trade up.

Sarah Berardi, UK ambassador for Hendrick’s, said: “As a brand that takes delight in the unusual, Hendrick’s has a curiously different approach to liquid innovation.

“With Hendrick’s Neptunia Lesley captured the magic of the sea in a gin, and I’m looking forward to seeing how people experiment with this latest expression.”