It’s sunshine in a bottle

Get More Vits’ Vitamin D Mango & Passionfruit drink contains 10ug of vitamin D.
Get More Vits’ Vitamin D Mango & Passionfruit drink contains 10ug of vitamin D.

SOFT drink brand Get More Vits is on a quest to support bone and muscle health.
The brand, which offers a range of vitamin fortified drinks, has been highlighting the importance of vitamin D in a healthy diet – particularly for consumers living in northern nations like Scotland.

Vitamin D plays a role in calcium absorption and is key to bone and muscle health, but in Scotland it can be hard to come by.

The type of sunlight that humans need to create vitamin D is not as readily available in the winter months. In Scotland, the right kind of sunlight for vitamin D production is only present between April and September, according to Food Standards Scotland.
FSS therefore recommends Scots take a vitamin D supplement daily, but particularly in winter. The health body launched its first three-month marketing campaign on vitamin D in 2021.

Get More Vits reckons it has the solution, in the shape of its Vitamin D Mango & Passionfruit drink.

Available in a 500ml bottle format, as well as a 330ml can, the fortified drink contains 2 micrograms (ug) of vitamin D and 24mg of calcium per 100ml – meaning one 500ml bottle contains 10ug vitamin D and 12mg calcium.

A spokesperson for Get More Vits said: “Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D is actually a hormone and it is almost impossible to consume enough through diet alone. Vitamin D is found in fatty fish like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel, red meat, liver, egg yolk, and fortified foods such as breakfast cereals but only at very low levels – for example you would need to eat a salmon fillet or 10 eggs every day to get the RDA.
“Because of this, the FSS are encouraging everyone to take a daily supplement containing 10ug of vitamin D.

“At Get More Vits we choose vitamin D3 across our range, because it is stored and utilised 500% faster than the plant form D2.

“At Get More Vits we have plenty of ways to keep vitamin D levels topped up, from the delicious and bestselling Mango & Passionfruit still drink, our refreshing sparkling option in a can, Orange and Mango effervescent tablets, Orange flavoured vitamin D oral spray and new vitamin D supplements. Customers can also get vitamin D in our Multivits products and Kids drinks.”

• NHS guidance states that for those taking vitamin D supplements, 10ug per day “will be enough for most people.”

The NHS warns not to exceed 100ug of vitamin D per day. Children aged one to 10 years should not have more than 50ug per day, and those under 12 months should not have more than 24ug per day.