Get More Vits widens its offering

Vitamin drink brand launches new squash options that it says are ideal for Scottish consumers

Get More Vits reckons the new squash range will suit Scottish shoppers.
Get More Vits reckons the new squash range will suit Scottish shoppers.

VITAMIN drink brand Get More Vits has launched a new Multivitamin Squash drink into supermarket stores.

Available now in Tesco and Asda, the new squash comes in three flavours – Orange, Mango & Passionfruit, Apple & Blackcurrant and Summer Fruits – with all three flavours containing eight essential vitamins, according to Get More Vits.

Vitamins D, C and six different B vitamins can all be found in the drink, with the brand claiming that one glass of the squash contains 50% of a person’s recommended daily dose.

Get More Vits has also stressed the importance of these squash products for the Scottish market in particular, citing the population’s vitmain D deficiency.

The firm noted that Scotland’s deficiency was higher than that of the entire UK population, sitting at 33% against the UK’s 25%, due to the reduced amount of sunlight in Scotland.

It’s with this in mind that Get More Vits believes its new squash products are an important addition to Scottish consumers’ cupboards and has pushed retailers to stay stocked up on the drinks.

A spokesperson for Get More Vits said: “Fortified with 50% of the government’s recommended intake of vitamin D, our squash offers an easy, convenient and hydrating way of consuming this vital vitamin.

“Made with 20% real fruit juice, our Multivitamin Squash is low in calories and contains no added sugar.”