Health site from FSS

FOOD Standards Scotland launched a new online guide as part of its healthy eating campaign.

The new guide aims to encourage consumers to make simple changes to help improve their diets.

This online guide comes ahead of the publication of a new FSS report into Scotland’s diet during the pandemic, which has already found that unhealthy foods made up a quarter of all food and drink in households during 2020.

Dr Gillian Purdon, head of nutrition at FSS, said: “It is designed so that people can find inspiration and make changes that suit their circumstances, as we know that making lots of changes at once isn’t always sustainable.

“This guide offers a realistic way to help people work towards new healthier food goals.”
The online guide will cater to consumers who shop on a tight budget, as well as those who look for more sustainable options in stores, according to the FSS, to help encourage consumers to make these dietary changes.

Dr Julia Allan, senior lecturer in health psychology at the University of Aberdeen, who helped develop Eat Well, Your Way, said: “People make choices about what to eat based on lots of factors – how it tastes, what it costs, how they’re feeling, who they’re with, and so on.

“Eat Well, Your Way takes this into account and acknowledges that it can be difficult to make healthier choices.”