Squeezing in a berry

PERFETTI Van Mella (PVM) has added some berry punch to its Summer Fruits sticks and sharing bags SKUs.

Blackberry flavoured chews have joined Fruittella’s Summer Fruits mixed packs, which also include strawberry, orange, and lemon.

According to PVM research, strawberry continues to be the most popular flavour among consumers, accounting for 70% of sales, but blackberry is the public’s second favourite.

The firm reckons that by adding blackberry to the Summer Fruits mix, it can build on sales growth for Fruitella.

A spokesperson for PVM said: “Available to all retail and wholesale outlets now, the new Summer Fruits range is bursting with the tang of real fruit juice.

“By adding Blackberry to the feast of flavours Summer Fruits offers, PVM is hoping to build on the 24.4% growth in sales Fruittella singles achieved in the last 12 weeks and strengthen Summer Fruits’ position as the number two favourite stick behind Strawberry.

“Like all Fruittella chews, Summer Fruits are great tasting, made from real fruit juice, include natural colourings and flavours and are made from coconut oil instead of palm oil.”