Storck ready to share in success

Confectionery maker backs larger formats

Storck reckons its sharing formats will prove popular with shoppers this year.

FAMILIES are getting ready to return to the dinner table this Christmas and Storck UK has offered tips on how retailers can capitalise on the sharing opportunities this presents.

IRI research found that sharing formats for Christmas confectionary last year were less successful than previous years as a result of lockdown restrictions but, this year, Stork reckons there will be “plenty of treating, gifting, entertaining and sharing opportunities” for retailers to take advantage of.

Storck recommended stocking up early on its sharing formats such as its 400g Toffifee box or the recently launched Werther’s Orignal Golden Mix to help capitalise on the sharing opportunities that Christmas presents.

Andy Mutton, managing director for Storck UK, suggested that keeping shelves stocked throughout the final months of the year till Christmas is essential to capitalise on sales opportunities.

“Make sure to stock up on festive confectionary products from as early as October when sales start to spike, and enure they remain available until Christmas.

“As 61% of ADM annual sales occurs between October and December, it is vital to ensure boxed chocolates are stocked well throughout this period,” he said.

Storck also recommended making good use of in-store displays and ensuring products remain visible on shelf to make it easier for customers to select their holiday favourites.

When customers are in store, they’re going to want to see seasonal SKUs from recognisable brands, according to Mutton, who said the confectionery manufacturer’s festive range is well placed to meet consumer demand.

He said: “With that in mind, it is important for retailers to stock well-known and much-loved brands, such as Werther’s Original, Toffifee, Bendicks and Merci, to offer something for every occasion.

“Strock UK had a highly successful seasonal period last year, and looks to grow this further again this year, with a strong portfolio and limited-edition festive products.”