Tech solution for forecourt coffee

UCC rolls out to-go solution with all the mod cons

UCC coffee machine
The To Go Premium coffee-to-go unit.

WHEN it comes to consumption on the move, cultures don’t get much more ‘on the go’ than Japan.

Founded 87 years ago in Japan’s seventh-largest city, Kobe, UCC Coffee reckons it can bring almost nine decades of experience in a fast-paced environment to Scotland’s forecourt retailers.

The firm is in the process of rolling out a new coffee-to-go machine to the UK market that it said should help retailers to step up the quality of their coffee offer.

UCC’s new To Go Premium Automated Retail unit was described by a company spokesperson as, “the most customisable automated bean-to-cup coffee machine on the market, opening doors for businesses to serve barista quality to-go coffee from a machine white-labelled to their brand.”

UCC claims its new machine offers retailers a “future-proofed solution” that lets retailers “truly own their coffee offer and deliver it in the luxurious, convenient and hygienic way consumers want.”

It’s not just about quality either, according to UCC, with the firm also claiming that the UCC To Go Premium Automated Retail machine is capable of delivering more than 400 cups of coffee per day using ‘thermoshot’ technology.

The machine is also telemetry enabled, meaning it can provide retailers with an internal temperature and analytical information.

When it comes to the range available through the machine, UCC was keen to highlight the variety of customisation features on offer.

A spokesperson said: “Alongside a large selection of drink types and sizes, operators can offer additional seasonal drinks or marketing opportunities with changes being sent remotely and activated within seconds, without direct interaction.”

Accessibility is also a key feature according to UCC and the machine allows customers to lower graphics, making it easier for wheelchair users to reach.

On the payment side, in addition to traditional methods the Premium Automated Retail unit accepts Apple and Google Pay, and also offers QR code vouchers and app interaction allowing receipts to be emailed upon request, saving on paper waste.