End of an era in Glasgow

Pladis closing doors at Tollcross site.

Signpost signifying McVities Tollcross Factory
Pladis said it was closing the Tollcross site due to “a number of headwings.”

PLADIS Global has confirmed that it will be closing the McVitie’s Tollcross factory in Glasgow’s East End in 2022.

The news comes as a blow for the local community, where the factory has produced biscuits since the 1920s. A total of 472 workers are now facing unemployment.
Pladis’ decision has come under fire from local politicians, with Labour MSP for the Glasgow region Paul Sweeney slamming the move.

“I couldn’t be more disappointed – there are nearly 500 jobs at stake here in a community that simply cannot afford to lose them,” he said.

A spokesperson for Pladis Global said: “We continue to face a number of headwinds in the UK due to longer-term and wider implications of Covid across our entire supply chain, as well as policy changes such as the Government’s proposed HFSS measures.

“Over the past three months, we have been meeting with employees and their representatives regularly through the formal consultations process to review and consult on data that underpins our proposal.

“We have also engaged regularly with the Scottish Government.”

Pladis’ claims of regular engagement were called into question by trade union GMB Scotland and the Scottish Government, with both critical of the manufacturer’s willingness to communicate with ministers and local government.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “Ministers were prepared to engage with Pladis on how best to progress a commercial proposal that would retain jobs and manufacturing.

“However, before discussions had even begun, Pladis confirmed their intention to close Tollcross and stated they do not believe the proposal is viable.”