Film shows two sides of chocolate


FAIRTRADE is using an animated film to reveal unethical cocoa sourcing practices it claims are used by some chocolate manufacturers.

Named Unwrap a Fairer Future, the film tells the very different stories of two chocolate bars.

According to Fairtrade, chocolate as we know it is facing a difficult future and could become a rare, luxurious treat.

Nilufar Verjee, Fairtrade’s director of public engagement and global cocoa campaign lead, explained: “We’re putting the important truth in people’s minds, making the bitter cost of each non-Fairtrade chocolate bar instantly apparent.”

Verjee went on to say that low cocoa prices, the continuing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising global temperatures mean that farmers don’t have the resources to withstand these shocks.

Campaign supporter, actress Adjoa Andoh, recently seen on TV in Bridgerton, said: “Every Fairtrade bar of chocolate, every cocoa bean, means decent healthcare and education.”