The trends to unlock sales

Health and taste are driving spend

Carabao drinks range in different coloured cans
Carabao’s Taste of the Nation 2021 report revealed a number of category trends.

ENERGY drinks have long been a staple in c-stores, but with more brands and flavours in the energy category market than ever before, being up to speed with the latest category trends has never been more important for retailers – according to Carabao.

The energy brand’s new Taste of the Nation 2021 report found that health, taste and sport partnerships are the driving forces behind spending in the category.

The popularity of healthy energy drinks is on the rise, with health found to be the second most important motivator of spending among consumers surveyed. In light of this, Carabao has recommended that retailers should ensure the price point of their healthier energy options match those of full sugar variants.

Brand popularity is also a key factor for consumers when shopping in the energy category, according to Carabao, and the firm reckons this is the most important consideration for younger consumers.

Gen Z shoppers were also found to be keen on the “functional aspect” of energy products and Carabao suggested high caffeine energy drinks would appeal to younger age groups.

Data from the report also suggests that consumers of all ages are drawn to brands which tap into consumer trends outwith the energy category, such as sport or music. The brand – which has sponsorship deals with Scottish football teams Heart of Midlothian FC and Hibernian FC – said that retailers can tap into a large target audience by stocking brands like Carabao, that are visible in the sporting world as football fans are 1.6 times more likely to purchase a can if energy drinks, according to the brand.

PMPS  – such as Carabao’s ‘only 69p’ cans – should also be staples in retailers’ chilled areas, according to the brand.

John Luck of Carabao, said: “In a year when health has been a key consideration among shoppers for obvious reasons, many FMCG brands have continued to adapt and expand their offering of lower sugar products. The effect of the pandemic has made shoppers even more conscious of what they consume and the desire to purchase healthier drinks has increased dramatically.

“We mustn’t forget that in a time of deep economic recession F&B brands have a duty to ensure they are offering great tasting products at a price which is attractive to consumers.

“This new research, summarized in the Taste of the Nation report, reveals in-depth insight on what has changed within the market, what has remained the same, and how the energy drink category can ensure it’s well equipped for the future.”