Fruit makes a splash

Radnor Splash orange and passionfruit

RADNOR Splash is now available in new flavours and packaging in the cash and carry channel.

The sugar-free, low-calorie drink is now available in six and twelve packs of 500ml Strawberry and Lemon & Lime; and new 12x500ml Forest Fruits, Orange & Passionfruit, and Apple & Raspberry and Watermelon packs. The 12x500ml packs are priced at £3.45 RRP.

William Watkins, managing director of Radnor Hills, said: “Radnor Splash is one of our most successful brands. We wanted to give the brand an exciting redesign while ensuring that we continue to deliver great tasting and trusted flavours. We have created a new range of flavours including Watermelon and Orange & Passionfruit to excite the taste buds of our customers.”