Transitioning to pouch

Sterling roll your own
Switching it up: JTI is replacing the Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 box with a pouch pack.

STERLING Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 Box is making the transition to a new pouch format.

The current box format, which makes use of a mini pouch, means tobacco it highly compressed in the pack, which JTI claimed makes using the product difficult for adult smokers on the go.

New packs will include a full rolling kit including 30g of tobacco, 100 papers and 77 filter tips in a format that JTI said “is easy to carry for a fuss-free experience.”

Dan Legate, brand manager for conventional tobacco products at JTI UK said: “The Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 Pouch is a really exciting transition for the Sterling family of products, especially now that Sterling Rolling Tobacco is the UK’s fastest growing tobacco brand.”