Illicit trade tracker

JTI Illicit trade postcode tracker
JTI has launched a new tracker tool accessible via its trade-facing site.

JTI has launched a new ‘Postcode Calculator’ tool offering retailers a view of how their local area has been affected by the illicit tobacco trade.

Available through JTI’s trade site JTI Advance, the tool invites retailers to enter their postcode to see how many seizures and prosecutions have taken place near their location since 2017.

The postcode calculator also includes estimates of the quantity and total value of illegal tobacco reported in the area.

Ian Howell, UK anti-illicit trade manager at JTI said: “Illicit tobacco remains a serious problem and this new feature on our microsite is the latest development from JTI to support retailers in the fight against this issue.

“Our hope is that this new tool will enable retailers to remain vigilant and raise awareness of the scale of the problem in their local area.

“As well as keeping retailers informed, we are also hopeful that it will help raise awareness of illicit trade and its effects on communities across the country.”