All waste is a waste of cash

Value can be found in food leftovers

food waste
Zero Waste Scotland has resources for those looking to cut down on food waste.

RETAILERS who want to cut down on waste can turn to Zero Waste Scotland, according to the organisation’s chief executive Iain Gulland.

Gulland said that measuring and monitoring food can help retailers to identify where waste occurs – and where profit is lost.

“Zero Waste Scotland offers tools and resources to help businesses review waste and embrace the many opportunities to turn unused food and drink into an income stream,” he said.

“Value can be found in rejects and leftover products from the manufacturing process such as unsold or unshipped material, quality failures and scrapings.”

Cutting down on waste won’t just reduce losses, it could also impress customers according to Gulland.

“As people are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and media, attention turns to the climate emergency.

“Consumers are more demanding of the businesses they buy from and engage with.
“Being able to demonstrate your brand has solid environmental credentials is something that is a positive in the eyes of the customer,” he said.