Some festive arm candy

VK Candy Cane

CANDY canes are one of the most ‘Christmassy’ sweets on the market.

It is therefore easy to see why RTD brand VK decided to release a limited-edition Candy Cane VK, as part of its seasonal multipack.

The 4% ABV VK Candy Cane has a sweet strawberry flavour that is balanced with hints of peppermint.

Two bottles of the new flavour will be available in the festive-edition VK ten pack, alongside VK Blue, VK Watermelon and VK Orange & Passion Fruit.

Some seasonal packs will also contain a golden ticket, entitling the lucky winner to a VK Christmas jumper.

Charlie Leaver, brand manager at Global Brands said: “With this year’s new Christmas flavour, our highly sought after VK Christmas jumpers and our on-trend marketing activity, we expect the VK mixed pack to excel this winter.

“Set to provide significant revenue for our customers while delighting consumers with a new Christmas twist on the fruity VK flavours’ they know and love, the VK mixed pack is a must stock for retailers.”