Getting bready for 2020

Croissants and baguette

THE last few years have seen wrapped bread decline in popularity, as people opt for more adventurous varieties.

And according to Matthew Grenter, sales manager at Brioche Pasquier, this is a trend that’s set to continue into 2020.

“As traditional sliced bread loaves take a knock, other types of bread and continental baked products are coming to the fore.

“It seems that augmented pastries are becoming even more popular with the British public, and are being enjoyed on more occasions.

“Croissants are driving the category, increasing by 26 million occasions (13.4%).”

That view was shared by Jeremy Gilboy, founder of St Pierre Groupe, who said: “Consumers are becoming more discerning and are looking for premium products that taste delicious or functional products that suit their lifestyle.

“In 2020, retailers should stock products that meet these criteria.

“Retailers should aim to balance NPD with everyday staples on the shelves, especially in convenience stores where shoppers are relying on the retailer to have those essentials consistently on shelf.

“New products that work well as meal accompaniments, like the Paul Hollywood Stonebaked Flatbreads, can be cleverly merchandised next to products that match well with them, such as pizza toppings or dips.

Grenter also recommended retailers stock up on products like Brioche Pasquier’s Croissants and Pains au Chocolat, which are likely to be particularly popular over the weekend.