Shaking up the soft category

F’real said its milkshakes offer a viable alternative to carbonated soft drinks

Milkshakes were a big hit during the summer of 2018, with many shoppers opting to cool down with a shake in the warm weather.

Emma Wood, head of frozen drinks brand F’real, said that for many, “a summers day out wouldn’t be complete without a cooling soft drink or two,” which is why the brand predicts strong sales in the months ahead.

“As well as water, juice and smoothies flying off the shelves during summer 2018, milkshakes also proved to be extremely popular, especially with families looking for a different indulgent ice-cold soft drink option,” she said.

Wood said retailers can always expect a spike in soft drinks sales during the summer, especially if temperatures soar, particularly within the milkshake category.

She added: “Milkshakes are not solely limited to hot summer days; they also make for a fantastic alternative to standard carbonated soft drinks.

“For retailers looking for a truly stand-out milkshake option, stocking a premium and reputable brand such as F’real proves wise.”

F’real customers can choose the thickness of their shake according to personal preference.

Wood explained: “From ‘regular thickness’ to ‘more’ or ‘less thick’, F’real users can decide just how thick their thick shake really is, via the easy-to-use self-service machine.”

F’real milkshakes are available in cookies ‘n cream, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours.

F’real – which is in 13,000 locations in across the United States and Canada – launched in the UK last year.