The great vegan bake off is here

Vitalite launches dairy-free baking block 

New Vitalite Block
The new Vitalite Dairy Free baking block should appeal to free from consumers.

BAKING isn’t traditionally the healthiest activity, with plenty of butter and sugar involved in most recipes.

But now bakers have a  new free from alternative to choose from, following the launch of Vitalite’s new dairy free vegan baking block.

Neil Stewart, marketing manager for spreads at brand owner Dairy Crest, said: “Demand for free from alternatives continues to grow, both amongst people who suffer from conditions or intolerances which lead them to avoid certain ingredients in their diet, as well as, increasingly, amongst people who believe free from alternatives are key to their healthy lifestyle.

“According to figures from Mintel, around four in ten adults now regularly buy free from food and drink.”

To ensure bakers maintain a high quality in their creations, Dairy Crest said that Vitalite Baking Block has been designed to deliver a better aeration of cake batters, more workable biscuit doughs and to reduce shrinkage on baking.

Stewart said: “Our new Vitalite Baking Block has been specially formulated for optimal performance at cooking & baking occasions.

“We’re confident the launch will resonate both with current dairy-free spreads shoppers not currently buying into home baking, whilst also helping to attract new shoppers into dairy-free spreads.”