Rascal is aiming for dizzy heights

Thatchers relaunches cider with new name

Thatchers Rascal new branding, moonlight and fox graphic
Despite a new name and a new bottle, Rascal cider will still have its fox mascot.

RELEASED just in time for summer, Thatchers has relaunched its Rascal Cider with a brand new look.

Formerly known as Old Rascal, the cider will now be packaged in a clear recyclable bottle, to allow its amber colour to shine through the glass.

The new name and new look will also be supported by a trade, experiential, social media and PR programme.

Yet despite all the changes, the brand’s fox mascot – named Rascal – still appears on the label.

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cidermaker, said:   “This is a favourite of us all at Thatchers, with Rascal having enjoyed a loyal following over many years. It’s a premium cider that offers complexity within its bittersweet character.

“At 4.5% it’s refreshing, boldly bittersweet yet surprisingly smooth with no challenging dryness.

“It presents the drinker with characterful apple cider and a roguish depth, for those who are looking for something different and away from the mainstream.

“The label has changed, but the beautiful character and flavour of the cider stays exactly as it always has.

“Drinkers will recognise the smooth, appley character that they’ve loved for years and we hope through a new campaign to introduce many new drinkers to this traditional, bittersweet cider.”

Rascal is available in 500ml bottle with an RRP of £1.85.