Kepak pushes the ‘fakeaway’ opportunity

Convenience retailers can meet consumer desires through Rustlers range, says firm

The Rustlers range is well suited to the consumer desire for a 'fakeaway', says Kepak.
The Rustlers range is well suited to the consumer desire for a ‘fakeaway’, says Kepak.

CONSUMERS on a budget don’t want to miss out on their takeaway treat options.

Rightly so, whether its a reward on a Friday or a Sunday morning pick-me-up from the night before, having to budget for a takeaway over the weekend certainly comes with a cost.

But convenience store retailers can offer the solution here. That is at least according to Kepak, which reckons shoppers should still be able to have their cake and eat it with the ‘fakeaway’ concept.

The firm has touted its Rustlers range as a strong option for the chillers.

Ross Davison, head of convenience at Kepak, said: “Recreating takeaway favourite meals at home is now a rising trend known as ‘fakeaways’.

“A survey revealed that 39% of shoppers said they had a fakeaway in the past month.”

The Rustlers PMP range should be able to cater exactly to this, according to Kepak, with products including its Quarter Pounder at £2.40, the BBQ Rib at £2.30 or, for those seeking a breakfast solution, the All Day Breakfast Muffin with a price set at £1.95.

Davison said: “Fakeaways are now overwhelmingly popular among consumers, with 74% saying they are ‘convenient’ and 70% saying they seem ‘good value’.

“Retailers should consider how they can build their fakeaway offer with related purchases. For example, 73% of consumers say they ‘would expect drinks to be included in a fakeaway’ and one in two say the same for alcoholic drinks.”

And Kepak is helping small and medium-sized stores drive food-to-go sales and profits with the launch of a new small footprint Rustlers unit.

The new Rustlers small footprint unit.
The Rustlers small footprint unit.

Designed to be a low-risk, low-commitment food-to-go solution, the units contain a digital screen for advertising, alongside the pre-programmed microwave featured in previous versions.

The first 100 customers who introduce the machines in store before the end of the year will receive a free Rustlers food-to-go launch kit. These kits include one fridge full of stock, one light-box shop sign and access to social media support materials to help retailers advertise they have hot food available in store.

Machines are priced from just £2,500 and finance options are available and Kepak claims retailers will see the machines pay for themselves with just one sale per day.

The units are said to be easy to set up, straightforward to clean and are powered by just a single plug socket. All Rustlers Cook In The Box products are microwaved in packaging, minimising the risk of spills.

The units also contain a small chiller underneath, which can store eight cases of Rustlers’ Cook in The Box bestsellers, saving valuable stockroom space and ensuring a straightforward shopper experience.

The machines can be used with all Rustlers’ Cook in The Box products – The Supreme Cheese Melt Burger, Peri Peri Chicken Tenders and All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin.

Davison said: “With 51% of Rustlers consumed at lunchtime, the brand is already synonymous with being a market leader in quick food solutions on the move.

“The launch of our new food-to-go unit and Launch Kit demonstrates our commitment to helping smaller stores win their fair share of the growing lunchtime opportunity.”