Costcutter pushes healthy food

Costcutter shop exterior

AS more and more of us begin to follow a healthy diet, it spells good news for retailers.

According to Laura Sayer, head of directs at Costcutter Supermarkets Group, research shows that the average shopper is willing to spend £1.44 on a single snack.

But for a healthy snacking shopper, that figure rises to £1.84.

“Healthy eating, while not a new trend, is constantly evolving and presents retailers with the potential to drive basket-spend,” she said.

Free from is a key part of this trend,  with one in ten consumers currently follow a dairy-free or gluten-free diet and increasing numbers choosing vegan alternatives.

“As shopper demand rises for products that answer a specific dietary need,” said Sayer,  “we have introduced a whole array of free-from options within our Co-op own brand range.

“A strong fresh offer can also prove a real sales driver for independent retailers, particularly with more shoppers looking for quick but healthy meal-time solutions. We work hard to ensure that retailers have the right range choices at the right prices.

“Providing a quality, fresh produce offering is key to how shoppers judge our retailers, but due to the nature of convenience stores, retailers often have limited space to deliver this.”