Marks set for May

PMP will increase from next month

VALUE energy drink brand Emerge is gearing up to launch a new PMP which will be available in depots and in retail from May.

Brand owner Refresco has opted to increase the price mark value on its packs from 39p to 49p across its 250ml recyclable cans.

James Logan, commercial director at Refresco said: “PMPs account for around 18% of Emerge energy and isotonic sales. Consumers like PMPs across all categories but especially for premium products like energy drinks which are relatively expensive.

“Emerge energy and Emerge Isotonic have similar flavour profiles to the ‘big brands’, Emerge Energy the same caffeine content and Emerge Isotonic the same nutrition, but both are more competitively priced.

“They will continue to offer consumers great value for money with the new PMP price points, but will now increase margins for wholesalers and retailers.