Online food orders thrive

Millennials are fuelling the demand

More and more consumers are ordering meals online and getting them delivered

FOOD-to-go might be booming in c-stores, but retailers who can deliver it direct to  their customers’ doors are likely to see an even bigger uptick in sales.

According to a new report by CGA’s Go Technology, 28% of consumers are now ordering more food online than a year ago.

Younger generations are those most likely to order food deliveries, with a half of all deliveries requested by millennials.

Of those making frequent food deliveries, 61% said that the quality of the food they receive is better than, or the same as, food served in a restaurant – suggesting the market is only likely to grow further.

Online food retailer Nife is Life analysed the report and found that 29% of consumers have predicted ‘more mobile delivery’ in food.

“This suggests restaurants may need to invest in their own tech, if they are to keep up with demand and lessen the risk of falling behind,” they said.

As well as ready-made meals, one in six (17%) of those surveyed believe that  ‘cook it yourself ingredient boxes’ will soon become available.

These boxes would be filled with key ingredients that consumers could use to assemble their favourite meals at home.