Drinks sales move off and up

20c_1014THE value of British drinks sales has grown by 1% according to the Drinks Market Summary Overview, which uses off-trade data supplied by Nielsen and on-trade data supplied by CGA. However volume sales fell by 1% largely due to declining consumption in the on trade.
Off-trade drinks saw value increase by 3% year on year and the growth was more or less across the board with long alcoholic drinks (LADs), wines and spirits all seeing increases in the value of sales over the period.
While standard wine sales were down in the on-trade several other categories including Champagne, sparkling wine, gin, malt whisky, imported whisky, golden rum, and cider were successful (showing better than 3% growth) in both on and off-trades.
Spirits added £113m in the latest year, 3.1% up on the year before, said Nielsen.
Brands remain strong in spirits, collectively adding £147m (up 5%) in the latest moving annual totals.
The branded gains are partially offset by losses on private label lines which were down by £34m or 4.6% over the year.
Private label products now account for 18.6% of spirits sales value, which is down from the 21.3% share of two years ago.