Low ABV beer on the way up

Scots cutting alcohol, says Carlsberg

HALF of Scots are actively trying to reduce their alcohol consumption, according to a survey commissioned by Carlsberg UK.

With more and more brands producing no alcohol beers, the survey also found that 61% of Scottish drinkers now claim to have tried a low or no alcohol alternative.

And rather than facing social pressure to drink alcohol, the same number of respondents  agreed that drinking a low or no alcohol beer has become more acceptable ‘in the last year or two.’

Liam Newton, vice president Marketing at Carlsberg UK said: “When choosing to dine at home, consumers are increasingly looking for healthier, lower calorie options, and cross merchandising by placing alcohol-free beers close to these meals will help to prompt sales.

“We have a growing collection of low and no alcohol beers, including Carlsberg 0.0% and San Miguel 0,0%, and are committed to giving consumers choice and enabling moderation.”

As well as the swing towards  low alcohol beers, Newton also discussed the growing popularity of craft options, with “several success stories from the craft beer scene” in recent years.

“Craft beer has injected a new energy and life into the beer category, and we will expect to see consumer interest in craft options continue to grow,” he said.