Scots staple goes veggie

Vegetarian Square Sausage

SQUARE sausage is one of the most loved parts of a traditional Scottish breakfast, but until now it has always been off-limits to vegetarians.

But thanks to butcher Simon Howie, a veggie version of the square sausage will now be widely available across Scotland.

The firm developed the meat-free alternative in response to the growing trend of flexitarianism, with consumers increasingly demanding their favourite meat products in plant-based formats.

The new soya-based square sausage is the third vegetarian product developed by Simon Howie, following the success of its wee veggie haggis and vegetarian haggis which saw a 24% sales increase in the past year.

Considering the popularity of square sausage, with the firm currently selling 10 million slices per year, Simon Howie has predicted its veggie slice will enjoy the same success as its other vegetarian products.

Simon Howie commented: “Lorne, square, sliced, flat, whatever you prefer to call it, Scotland’s square sausage is almost a national dish in itself.  To date there has been no meat-free alternative available and we are extremely excited to be addressing that. 

“Perfect for a meat-free morning roll, no one has to miss out on enjoying this Scottish classic any more. 

“Whether you’re vegetarian, or simply looking for a meat-free alternative, we hope our customers enjoy this new breakfast sausage.”