Campaign to clampdown on fake cigs

JTI campaign
JTI wants to stop illicit trade

RETAILERS have been urged to join the fight against illegal tobacco by JTI.

The tobacco firm has launched a nationwide anti-illicit tobacco campaign called ‘Don’t Be Complicit In Illicit’, which encourages retailers and members of the public to take action against illicit trade.

The campaign includes a custom-made website that features an easy-to-use ‘report’ function, as well as providing detailed information on the extent of the problem and the implications it can have for communities.

It follows 32 other local media campaigns that JTI has run over the last five years about illicit tobacco, with three successful prosecutions against tobacco sellers and 33 retailers getting their gantries removed.

Ian Howell, UK Anti-Illicit trade manager at JTI, said: “We are confident this campaign will help raise awareness of the illicit trade and increase reports against those involved.

“We all have a role to play to combat the issue and we urge any retailer with knowledge of criminal activity to visit our new microsite and use the anonymous reporting function to report suspected sellers.”