Brands with reach

Scottish plate

DATA specialist Kantar Worldpanel has released its latest Brand Footprint ranking, which measures the top brands in Scotland based on how many times each is chosen off the shelves.

RatingsKantar’s consumer reach point (CRP) metric ranks brands based on the number of households purchasing multiplied by frequency of purchase.

Warburtons continues to occupy the top spot in Scotland, and the UK as a whole, with Heinz and McVitie’s coming in at second and third respectively.

While the top 20 brands for Scotland is closely aligned with the rest of the UK, notable exceptions include Irn-Bru, which ranks 137 places higher north of the border and Graham’s, which ranks more than 200 places higher in the Scottish market than the rest of the UK.

The Kantar report also revealed that Scottish consumers purchase more convenience and indulgence foods than the rest of the UK, with ambient soups, canned meats, chocolate, crisps and instant coffee all performing well.

Lesley Ann Gray, strategic insight director for Kantar in Scotland said: “Brands added £123m to Scotland’s grocery baskets over the last 12 months, but own label is growing faster, showing brands must continue to offer quality and true value”.