Winter bugs are coming into season


PHARMACEUTICAL giant GlaxoSmithKline is hitting the road this month, with van sales drivers expected to visit 5,000 independent stores.

GSK is rolling out as the nights draw in, inviting retailers to get in touch should they wish to speak to a representative.

Jo Cooper, sales director for grocery and convenience at GSK said that while over the counter medicines perform outside of traditional seasonal peaks, cold and flu treatments come into their own in the months ahead.

“There are fluctuations in demand across the year and October onwards sees the strongest sales on cold and flu treatments. Therefore, retailers are advised to stock up early to ensure that their customers are confident they can get suppliers from their local store when the bugs strike,” she said.

Cooper added that retailers would be wise to move their offer from behind the counter to the shop floor, “as this will build shopper confidence and reassure them that they will be able to access treatments when they fall ill,” and can also drive impulse sales purchases for complementary products including tissues and lip balms.