Variety key to success

PVM suggest stocking a wide range of sweets

OFFERING as wide a range of products as possible is the best way to make a success of Halloween, according to the owner of Fruittella and Chupa Chups.

Perfetti Van Melle said that while Halloween was undeniably growing in popularity, retailers had to be proactive to ensure that their sales really  benefitted from the season.

PVM said it was “vital” to offer a wide range of products to be able to meet the needs of different shoppers in the market.

The confectionery firm highlighted research which shows a wide demographic purchasing for Halloween, with 71% of households without children buying seasonal products in 2017.

Mark Roberts, trade marketing manager at PVM said this suggested that “there is a clear market for grandparents buying sweet treats for grandchildren, or single couples preparing for the growing number of trick or treaters.”

Stocking products like Chupa Chups spooky pizzas,  Fruittella Duo Stix Halloween packs and Fruittella Favourites Spooky Mix could be one way to achieve this variety.

Yet Roberts acknowledged that themed confectionery can have a short life span and present risk, potentially costing retailers more in the long run.

“With this in mind we have given our core range a spooky makeover, but kept the artwork very simple, tapping into shoppers’ trust for our leading brands such as Fruittella and Chupa Chups.

“Last year, with the new artwork for the Juicy Chews and Duo Stick Halloween packs, Fruittella’s Halloween bags grew by +79%.

“This contributed to PVM’s overall growth of +14% in this period,” he said.