Health drives reformulation

CCEP continues its cull of sugar

THERE is no doubt that the health and wellness trend has had a big effect on the popularity and contents of people’s lunchboxes.

That’s the view of Amy Burgess, trade communications manager at Coca-Cola European Partners, who believes that more options are now required to meet the variety of modern consumer tastes.

She said: “The health trend has not only influenced consumers’ lunchtime food choices,  but also the soft drinks they have with it.

“Consumers are making more considered choices for themselves and their families and are turning to lower or zero sugar products, or choosing drinks that are associated with functional health benefits.”

The lunchbox opportunity has broadened, covering many more occasions beyond school lunches.

CCEP has been engaged in reformulation across its brands in recent years, and the firm has now given Capri Sun a low sugar makeover.

The reformulated Capri Sun contains 50% less sugar – bringing the full Capri-Sun range below the Soft Drinks Industry Levy threshold.

Burgess said: “This new formula appeals to health-conscious people looking for refreshing, lower-calorie juice drinks for their lunchbox.”

With Capri Sun recording a 13.3% sales uplift last year CCEP believes the new formula will ensure the brand continues to grow into the future.

Capri Sun isn’t the only brand to receive a low sugar shake up.

Last year CCEP rebranded Oasis Light as ‘Oasis Zero’ to help communicate the zero sugar formula, and the firm further expanded its low and no sugar options with the launch of flavoured water range Oasis Aftershock in 2018 – a move which Burgess reckons taps into contemporary trends.

“With flavoured water sales up 2.8% in the last year, this new range is exciting consumers who are looking for a healthy, hydrating option in their lunchbox with a twist.”

Flavoured water expansion has become something of a theme at CCEP, with the firm also introducing some new flavours to its Glacéau Smartwater range.

“Last year, we evolved our Glacéau Smartwater portfolio with four, sparkling new flavours – Berry & Kiwi, Lemon, Green Apple and Grapefruit & Watermelon.

“Those new variants are sugar and calorie-free and contain no artificial ingredients.

“The flavoured sparkling range is available in a 600ml PET bottle that’s an ideal lunchtime choice and combines the brand’s distinctive clean, crisp taste with a hint of refreshing fruit flavour.”